“A Thing of Beauty”: innovative strategies to assist you in increasing sales and reducing costs!

  • We can help you increase your profits by devising sales strategies to grow your sales and a cost reduction plan designed to provide greater efficiency of operations!

A bagful of ideas designed around your needs to fine-tune, revamp, or restructure your sales and marketing strategies!

  • We can provide you with innovative sales strategies to fine-tune, refocus, or revamp current strategies to grow your sales!

We will help you “Bridge the Sales Void” and transform your website into a “Lean-Mean-Selling Machine”!

  • Many websites fail to sell to their potential. We can provide you with assistance through website content restructuring designed to transform your site into a lean-mean-selling machine. Additional insight into our expertise in assisting in this critical area of sales may be gleaned from the invaluable source book authored by Mr. Lagone and featured in the “What’s New, Hot, and Special” page: Wonder Web…Bridging the Sales Void: A Strategic Vision for Website Success; How to Transform Your Site Into the Ultimate Selling Machine!


  • We assist you in increasing your return on assets through optimizing their utilization!
  • Should you have an underperforming company, division, or asset, we assist you by helping devise turn around strategies to position it for success!
  • We can provide you expertise in the merger, acquisition or divestiture of a company, division, or assets. We offer strategies to help maximize your value in the event of a sale or to minimize your cost involved with an acquisition!


We bring a strategic vision to greater profitability for you by increasing your sales and decreasing your costs! We are problem solvers, turnaround specialists, and innovative strategists that focus on fine-tuning or revamping your sales strategies; reducing costs while yielding greater efficiencies of operations; addressing issues dealing with asset utilization and optimization; merger and acquisition specialists that help you to maximize your selling price or minimize your acquisition costs for companies, divisions, or assets; and we offer website content restructuring strategies to transform your site into a most powerful sales tool (please refer to our Consulting Services page for more information). We mix an outstanding blend of innovative and perceptive thinking with a strategic vision to build upon your strengths. We help fortify around weaknesses to create strengths. Strategic Vision Business Consultants offers you and your company the opportunity to truly excel!

HOT NEW BOOK Authored by David Lagone:

“Wonder Web… Bridging the Sales Void: A Strategic Vision for Website Success;
(How to Transform Your Site Into the Ultimate Selling Machine)!"