“Wonder Web…” Book Blurb

   “Wonder Web…Bridging the Sales Void: A Strategic Vision for Website Success” provides a strategy that should turn your thinking “upside down” in a most positive way as it helps you orchestrate a dramatic growth in your website sales. Featuring a straightforward, logical strategy designed to dramatically increase current and future sales, this book provides no ordinary “revelations” but rather an innovative and timeless approach to sales thanks to an entirely new concept that enhances website content. Introduced is the missing website link that, in its absence, is the primary reason most websites perform significantly below capabilities. This key component serves as the nerve center of your website. It allows all other website pages to perform optimally with the content it feeds them. Yet no website appears to be currently functioning with the chief sales strategy center of the site in place. This book helps you to fully implement the visionary strategy that will prime every website page to SELL, SELL, and SELL more! Furthermore, you will realize that with engaging and relatable website content, the visitors will actually read a good deal of it.
   People have grown accustomed to believing that most website content is intolerably boring. As such, sites are growing more image-oriented in an attempt to grab the “few seconds” of viewer attention span that a visitor expends before moving on, or nodding off. This book exposes the reason for this inattentiveness and lack of sales control over the website visitor. It lays out a simple, elegant strategy to take control of the sales process and, with it, the focus of the visitor; all while positively impacting sales in a dramatic way!
   “Wonder Web” compels you to stop, reflect, think and, ultimately, rush to action. It will guide you through the website content transformation process. Its numerous ideas and examples are designed to impact your sales in a way that provides you with a significantly higher percentage of visitors that buy from you rather than hit the “exit” button, while also frequently “buying up.” An additional benefit is that visitors who do buy should become loyal repeat customers and enthusiastic referrers of others to your site.
   Embracing and integrating into your website the novel ideas and sales strategies advanced in this book will have a dramatically powerful and positive influence on all your other sales efforts. Your ads, brochures, and other sales materials will incorporate these ideas, as will your direct sales force as it embraces and espouses key innovative sales ideas provided in the book.
   Whatever type of website you have…the benefits to be gained from “Wonder Web…Bridging the Sales Void: A Strategic Vision for Website Success” are astounding. The winning website content strategy will show you “How to Transform Your Site Into the Ultimate Selling Machine”!