As a business consultant for his firm, “Strategic Vision Business Consultants,” Mr. Lagone has earned a reputation as an innovative thinker, a master strategist, a consummate problem solver, and a turnaround specialist. He is most dynamic when developing innovative strategies to enhance his clients’ financial wherewithal.
   Mr. Lagone has been increasingly called upon by his consulting clients to revitalize and/or jump-start websites. His entrepreneurial experience and consulting work provide the foundation for his visionary perspective on strategic website content innovation designed to dramatically increase sales and profitability as presented in his book: “WonderWeb…Bridging the Sales Void: A Strategic Vision for Website Success.”
   Mr. Lagone earned a B.S. in Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago. He embarked on a fascinating career starting with strategizing and implementing an explosive growth in sales for a mid-sized manufacturing company and then an entrepreneurial path as CEO and President of several companies involved in manufacturing, reselling and retailing. His diverse experience has included drilling and operating oil and gas wells, acquiring oil production, building and operating natural gas transmission lines, raising investment capital through a subsidiary securities firm, and investment financing. One of his companies consulted on technological solutions and resold computer hardware to major corporations. While involved with merger and acquisition activities, he gained a reputation for developing strategies designed to maximize value for sellers and minimize acquisition prices paid by acquirers. He ultimately has settled into his most natural environment, consulting for clients on matters of mergers and acquisitions; revamping or refining sales and marketing strategies; providing cost cutting solutions; asset optimization and utilization; and, as noted above, website content transformation, all of which dramatically grow sales and profitability.
   On a personal level, Mr. Lagone’s exercise regime includes step aerobics, walking and, when time allows, tennis, racquetball, golf, and skiing. He particularly enjoys the company of his family…his beautiful wife, four daughters and son, and one granddaughter-a little bundle of special goodness and joy (with twin grandchildren on the way); along with his mother, three sisters, his brother-in laws, and son-in-law, all of whom make life so very special!
   You are cordially invited to visit strategicvisionbc.com and are welcome to contact Mr. Lagone (dlagone-at-strategicvisionbc.com).