We Wrote the Book! Let Us Help You Transform Your Website Into the Ultimate Selling Machine!

  • Strategic website content analysis to transform your site into the ultimate selling machine!
  • The creative ideas and concepts will spill over to your direct sales efforts and your sales literature, compounding the positive impact!

A great deal may be said about underperforming websites, and Mr. Lagone has done just that in his eye-opening book, “Wonder Web…Bridging the Sales Void: A Strategic Vision for Website Success; How To Transform Your Site into the Ultimate Selling Machine.” This book provides an incredible insight into dramatically increasing your website sales while allowing for a terrific spillover effect onto your direct sales efforts (see the What’s New, Hot and Special Page). Strategic Vision BC provides critical support in orchestrating this invaluable transformation.

“Wonder Web…
Bridging the Sales Void”

Company or Division in Need of Reinvigorating? We Will Help Your Profits Soar!

  • If you have a company, division, or asset that is ailing or underperforming, we can assist you by devising turnaround strategies to reposition it into one of strength!
  • In addition to the sales side, we can examine your costs to provide profit-enhancing savings coupled with more efficient operations!
  • We can evaluate your asset utilization to optimize your return on assets!

Strategic Vision Business Consultants dedicates itself to focusing on your financial wellbeing. We can assist you in attaining outstanding sales increases, cost reductions, and profit results through innovative strategies designed around your unique demands and needs!

The same is true of costs as numerous variables are in constant flux often leading to increasing costs. A full review by Strategic Vision, on a regular basis, can go a long way to controlling and reducing your costs while improving overall efficiency. (Please refer to the Consulting Services and Why Strategic Vision pages for more information).

Visionary Sales and Marketing Strategies… to help you attain the pinnacle of success!

  • We can offer you innovative sales and marketing strategies for fine-tuning, revamping or restructuring your current operation with the goal of dramatically increasing your sales!
  • We can assist you in acquiring, divesting, or merging companies, divisions or assets for the purpose of optimizing your financial position.

Sales efforts should never be static as numerous issues impact your strategy. Regular scrutiny by an independent, objective expert such as Strategic Vision BC, can provide valuable input whether it be in the form of a fine-tuning, revamping, or restructuring of sales and marketing strategies to greatly improve results.

We often are involved in various aspects of mergers and acquisitions. Of particular value is our ability to find strategies to maximize the selling price in the event of the divestiture of a company, division, or asset(s). Similarly, if your goal is to acquire a company, division, or asset(s), we find the strategy to minimize the purchase price.